Flexible Rubber Cables

Flexible Rubber Cables

Rubber Wires & Cables are flexible cables suitable for applications such as electric iron leads, heater leads, elevators, cranes, and far more, in industries like Steel Mills, Mining, Power Stations (Nuclear, Thermal, Wind Mills), Construction Equipment, Marine, Turbines etc.


  • Designed for heavy duty use
  • Cut, tear & abrasion resistant
  • Very good long term performance
  • Exceptional resistance to oils, chemicals, ozone & solvents
  • Excellent Impact & Weather Resistance


  • Flexible & High Temperature cables
  • Flexible cables for Power & Control in Wind Mills
  • Mining Cables - Flexible Trailing, Coal Cutter etc.
  • Cables for steel plants
  • Fire Survival Cables
  • Ship Wiring
  • Shore Supply & Generator Cables for charging of Ship Batteries & Supply from Mobile Generators
  • Motor Coil Leads
  • Pump Cables for Water, Submersible & Sewerage Pumps
  • Cables for Railway Coach Wiring & Metro Railway
  • Battery Cables for High Current & Long Life
  • Low Temperature Installations
  • Elastomeric Cables & Flexible Cords for Lighting
  • Special Elastomeric Cables for Control & Instrumentation Wiring
  • Welding Cables

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