Fire Survival / Fire Resistant Wires & Cables


Fire survival cables are designed for continuous operation under extreme heat of up to 750°C / 950°C for up to 3hrs during a fire.


  • Primarily used in circuits that are required to maintain their integrity during a fire.
  • Used in fire alarm systems, access control systems, emergency lighting circuits, water sprinklers, sound and PA systems, security systems, tunnel ventilation etc.
  • Areas of application include public address systems, emergency systems in metro rail, airports, power plants, high rise buildings, malls etc.

Cable Construction


  • Withstands flame temperature of 750°C / 950°C for up to 3hrs without electrical breakdown at rated voltage
  • Low emission of smoke and toxic fumes to help people escape / firefighters save people
  • Does not propagate flame
  • Meets BS: 6387 Cat CWZ, BS: 7846 (950°C for 3hrs)

Reference Standards

  • IEC: 60331, BS: 7846, BS: 6387-CWZ, NFC32070, BS: 8434, BS: 7629

Circuit Integrity (Fire Resistance) Test

As per IEC 60331 / BS 6387 the test is carried out with the cable clamped above a burning fire of temperature 750°C / 950°C for 3 hrs with a connected power supply and load. The cable must continue to perform without breakdown and with continuous current flow for the whole 3 hrs under fire.