Coiled Cables

Coiled / Spiral Cables & Cords

  • Truck Trailer Applications Products range of: 24V – 24N, 24S, Adaptor, EBS (7P), ABS (5P) in TPU, TPE, 12V – SAE 52394
  • EV Charging as per IEC 62196
  • Earth Moving Equipment Sensors
  • Medical Equipment
  • Telecommunication Equipment
  • Industrial Gauges


  • Coiled cables consist of a cable wound about a tubular axis.
  • Types include coiled extension cords, automotive coiled cords etc.
  • Typically designed and manufactured based on customer requirements.
  • Coil / Spiral Cords can improve wiring lifetime significantly by controlling and distributing motion in manual/automatic equipment across a range of applications.
  • Enhanced materials such as TPE, TPEE, PU, Polyolefin, PVC, and custom blends are used to ensure high performance even in extreme external conditions.
  • Customisable lengths, coil diameter, retracted length and overall design.
  • Glossy or Matte finish on cable available


  • Automotive applications like truck trailers, EV Charging Gun assemblies.
  • Medical equipment like Ultrasound, X-Ray, patient monitoring.
  • Production line tools.
  • Manufacturing Robots.
  • Bar code readers.
  • Instrumentation and testing devices.